Kostenloses HR Cosmos Webinar: «Swiss Employment Law Basics (English)»

HR Cosmos 04.10.2022


If you are a non-Swiss HR professional, chances are, you have never heard of a work certificate before coming to Switzerland. It is also likely that you are not familiar with Swiss particularities of giving notice or the rights of the employees when falling sick. HR is a very country-specific matter and international HR professional are often confronted with peculiar regulations of the national jurisdiction.
To help you get familiar or to broaden your knowledge of Swiss employment law, we have invited Roy Levy, partner at the law firm Probst Partner AG, to shed some light on some of the most important principles of Swiss employment law, useful for every HR professional. After a short input, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics of your choice. The Webinar is conducted in English and is aimed specifically at an international audience or HR professionals who operate in international companies and want to know more about certain topics.



Roy Levy holds a certificate as employment law specialist provided by the Swiss Bar Association. He was nominated by Who’s Who Legal as one of the leading employment lawyers in Switzerland. He is a partner at the law firm Probst Partner AG.


Dienstag, 04.10.2022, 11:45 bis 12:30


HR Cosmos

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